May 2017 British Spartathlon Team News

May News Update

Work has been progressing behind the scenes in preparation for this year’s event and we are pleased to announce the sponsors who will be supporting the team this year.


The is a specialist ultra running store with a range of clothing, gear and equipment selected specifically for ultra runners, both for trail running and road running.

They are based near Milton Keynes in the UK countryside and their shop ships internationally too.

The Ultramarathon Running Store we want you to shop with confidence and that’s why you’ll find shopping with them is easy, hassle free and reliable. So, from our fast and reliable delivery service through to our easy no-quibble returns policy, we are dedicated to providing ultra runners with the best shopping experience and dependable customer service.

Oyster Wealth Management

They exist to help you make good financial decisions with your money and do this by asking questions centred around your values and goals. They then help you work with your money to achieve these goals by creating your financial plan and keeping you on track with regular strategic

Their unique abilities and knowledge create a structure for you that supports your financial growth and security. Their solutions are flexible and adapt with you allowing you to put life into living with confidence in your future.


Tailwind Nutrition mixes with water to meet all your calorie, hydration, and electrolyte needs, without upsetting your stomach or making your taste buds revolt. Just toss it in a bottle or hydration pack, shake, and GO!

Created by endurance athletes for endurance athletes.

All you need, all day, really”

All About the Story

All About the Story provides press services to the British Spartathlon Team.

James Ellis (who completed the race in 2015 & 2016) and his partner Lyndsey Thomas bring together extensive editorial, copywriting, public relations and marketing expertise.

Their strong backgrounds in the outdoors and adventure travel space mean they can offer solutions across all types of media. The two of them understand communications from both a marketing/PR and an editorial perspective, and offer a unique, combined insight into how the adventure travel industry works. They believe in not just generating awareness to just anyone, but about brand stories reaching the right audience.

RaceDrone GPS Tracking

Once again GPS tracking website Race Drone have offered to sponsor the UK Spartathlon team, by offering each runner use of a mini GPS tracker to during the event, so their friends, family and supporters, both in Greece and a home can follow their progress in the race.

The GPS trackers are small, around the size of a matchbox, and weigh just 60g. They have a long life battery which lasts for almost a week.

They will be programmed to transmit your exact location every 5 minutes to the RaceDrone website.

The British Spartathlon Team will be tracked during the race.

More details on the trackers can be found on the GPS device hire website at and information about the tracking website itself at

Lynchpin Media

Lynchpin Media is a print and embroidery business which was established in 2015. All our printing and embroidery is in house which means; more quality control and a quicker turn around for our

They print everything from clothes, mugs, stickers, photos and much more. Check out their face book page where you will see their work. They offer a very personal and careful approach to bring you exactly what you need. No Minimum order required.

“Just Send us your logo and we’ll do the rest”

Sponsorship Update

Team Sponsorship has provided vital funds and services to enable us to provide runners and crews clothing and equipment for use during the race and will once again contribute to a fantastic looking British Spartathlon Team.

We are very grateful for each of our sponsors for their support and would hope that each of the runners and crews keeps them in mind when thinking about use of their respective services.

British Spartathlon Team Shop

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a new link on the website to a ‘Shop’ page.

We have received a few enquiries from people (both runners, former runners, future runners and supporters) about the possibility of getting some British Spartathlon Team branded clothing and kit to show their support for the team. The British Spartathlon Team is not just about the current ‘squad’ but the growing community of British Runners and Supporters who have been associated with the race.

Therefore, we have created a few branded items which are available for purchase (at your own cost) these items include a casual t-shirt, hoody, zipped hoody and mug. You will note that these are all (with the exception of the mug) branded in the blue colour. The reason for this is to have a distinction between the runners tops (white), crew tops (red) and then the supporters/casual gear (blue).

Please note that these items are being purchased from a fulfilment site and these items are being made available ‘at cost’ with no profit being made by the British Spartathlon Team.

The benefit of this arrangement is that it allows us to produce the chosen designs and leaves the ordering, payment, production and delivery of these items to another supplier. Individual orders can therefore be made.

Whilst the Teespring service typically runs ‘campaigns’ for items over a set period of time, we have set these to renew every time so the ‘buy now’ date refers to the next batch printing of orders date.

This is very much a low risk/no-cost test for us to see if there is an appetite for this type of merchandise in the future. If you have any feedback on this then post a comment on the team facebook page or email us.

Pictures of the available items can be seen below and the shop page can be found here.

Casual T-Shirt


Zipped Hoody


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