Meet the 2016 British Spartathlon Team


The 2016 British Spartathlon Team report can be found here

2016 British Spartathlon Team Sponsors

Many thanks to the organisations listed below for supporting the 2016 British Spartathlon team through sponsorship or the supply of services.

Oyster Wealth

We exist to help you make good financial decisions with your money, we do this by asking questions centred around your values and goals. We then help you work with your money to achieve these goals by creating your financial plan and keeping you on track with regular strategic reviews.

Our unique abilities and knowledge create a structure for you that supports your financial growth and security. Our solutions are flexible and adapt with you allowing you to put life into living with confidence in your future.

You can find details of our services here

Atlas Running

Atlasrunning was started by Adrian and sammy Daye. After years of running we wanted to bring races to runners that we would love to do.

From races for kids to extreme ultra marathons .

There is a race for everyone at atlasrunning .

You can visit details of our events at our website here

Ultramarathon Running Store is a specialist ultra running store with a range of clothing, gear and equipment selected specifically for ultra runners, both for trail running and road running. They are based near Milton Keynes in the UK countryside and our shop ships internationally too.

At Ultramarathon Running Store we want you to shop with confidence and that’s why you’ll find shopping with us is easy, hassle free and reliable. So, from our fast and reliable delivery service through to our easy no-quibble returns policy, we are dedicated to providing ultra runners with the best shopping experience and dependable customer service.

Details of our products can be found at our website here

All about the Story

All About the Story provides press services to the British Spartathlon Team.

James Ellis (who completed the race in 2015) and his partner Lyndsey Thomas bring together extensive editorial, copywriting, public relations and marketing expertise.

Their strong backgrounds in the outdoors and adventure travel space mean they can offer solutions across all types of media. The two of them understand communications from both a marketing/PR and an editorial perspective, and offer a unique, combined insight into how the adventure travel industry works. They believe in not just generating awareness to just anyone, but about brand stories reaching the right audience.

Tailwind Nutrition UK

Tailwind Nutrition mixes with water to meet all your calorie, hydration, and electrolyte needs, without upsetting your stomach or making your taste buds revolt. Just toss it in a bottle or hydration pack, shake, and GO!

Created by endurance athletes for endurance athletes.
All you need, all day, really”


Once again GPS tracking website have offered to sponsor the UK Spartathlon team, by offering each runner use of a mini GPS tracker to during the event, so their friends, family and supporters, both in Greece and a home can follow their progress in the race.

The British Spartathlon Team will be tracked during the race using the following link Spartathlon Tracking

More details on the trackers can be found on the GPS device hire website at and information about the tracking website itself at

2016 British Spartathlon Team Kit

Runners Top

Crew Top


2016 British Spartathlon Runners

Martin Bacon

David Barker

Click here to read David’s profile.

Paul Beechey

Click here to read Paul’s profile.

Tremayne Cowdry

Click here to read Tremayne’s profile

James Ellis

Click here to read James’ profile

Russell Gardham

Click here to read Russel’s profile

Stu Wilkie

Click here to read Stu’s profile

Michel Hardie

Click here to read Michel’s profile

Carl Howells

Click here to read Carl’s profile

Marton Illot

Click here to read Martin’s profile

Duncan Cornish

Click here to read Duncan’s profile

Dan Mayers

Click here to read Dan’s profile

Barry Miller

Click here to read Barry’s profile

Rob Pinnington

Click here to read Rob’s profile

James Poole

Click here to read James’s profile

Sophie Power

Click here to read Sophie’s profile.

Terrence Zengerik

Click here to read Terrence’s profile

Jim Rogers

Click here to read Jim’s profile.

Paul Rowlinson

Click here to read Paul’s profile

Tarique Shakir-Khalil

Click here to read Tariques profile

Jon Steele

Click here to read Jon’s profile

Darren Strachan

Click here to read Darren’s profile

Ian Thomas

Click here to read Ian’s profile

John Volanthen

Profile to follow

Marcel McKinley

Nicolas Turner

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