Russell Gardham

2016 British Spartathlon Team Russell Gardham 02

Your Name: Russell (Rusty) Gardham

Occupation: Pensions Analyst soon to be Personal Trainer

Home Town: Eastbourne

Twitter Account: @LazyERRR

Website/Blog: Not as yet

Runners Questions

What is your running background?

Ran as an Under 19 in the Hull XC Schools Championships. Have been running for as long as I can remember. Ran through school, into the Army and beyond.

Race entering started as a 20 year old, so for the best part of 30 years now. I don’t intend to stop.

Recently along with a few friends I have moved into Race Organisation. Our business is called “We Run They Run I Run”.

When did you first start running Ultra marathons and why?

I suppose I started running them when I was a recruit in the Army. Why? Because I was told to run until I was allowed to stop.

Recently I started running them in 2006. I didn’t know back then that these were Ultra Marathons, only that I was running a long way.

More recently I have ran Ultra’s because I can.

When or where (at which events) are we most likely to see you?

Eastbourne parkrun. After that Centurion.

What was your hardest race experience?

My first 100 miler. Thames Path 100 in 2014. I finished the race and was escorted by a friend to my hotel room where I lay fully clothed with my muddy trainers for the next 8 hours without moving.

What events do you have planned for 2016 up to Spartathlon?

Already completed 8 marathons, South Downs Way 50, Thames Trot 50 and Thames Path 100. Hopefully North Downs Way 100 (am on the waitlist). It looks like I’ll have to try and fit in a final Ultra to round things off.

What is your typical race strategy for an ultra?

Start running and don’t stop. Fuel on watermelon.

What does a typical training week look like?

Run Club x 2, parkrun, a race, long run and a social run.

What one tip would you pass onto people running an Ultra marathon for the first time?

It’s all in the build-up.

Can you tell us one interesting fact about yourself?

Northerners do cry!


Spartathlon Questions

Have you taken part in the Spartathlon before?


What are you looking forward to at the Spartathlon race?

My welcome to the finish kiss from my wife Zoe. Wearing the kit of the GB Team.

What will you prepare specifically for the Spartathlon race?

Hopefully it will be scorching on the day of the North Downs Way 100. Give myself plenty of talking to’s to tell me just how strong I am.

Will you be bringing any support crew to the race?

My wife Zoe (J).




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