2016 British Spartathlon Team Update

The 2016 Spartathlon event is getting closer and closer now and hopefully everyone’s training has been going well.

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors including Ultramarathon Running Store, Oyster Wealth Management, Altas Running, Lynchpin Media, all about the story, Tailwind UK and Race Drone Tracking for supporting the 2016 British Spartathlon Team.

The great news is that this years kit (designed by the talented Mark Burnell) is on its way to the runners as we speak. We would like to add an extra thank you to Mike Julien at Tailwind for handling the distribution.

Here’s a look at this year’s kit.

2016 British Spartathlon Team Kit 01

British Spartathlon Team Buff

2016 British Spartathlon Team Kit 06

British Spartathlon Runners Top

2016 British Spartathlon Team Kit 03

British Spartathlon Crew Top

2016 British Spartathlon Team Kit 05

British Spartathlon Team Hoodie

2016 British Spartathlon Team Kit 07

British Spartathlon Team Hoodie (Reverse)

I’m sure you will all agree the kit looks great and once again the British Spartathlon Team will look the part in Greece in September! Just looking at the kit makes me want to sign up for next year.

As a final reminder, can I remind everyone to check out the various links on the website under the “Information” or “Media” links for lots of resources, photos, videos and race reports.

Good luck with the rest of your training.


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