Spartathlon training, history, crewing and general advice articles.
(2019) British Spartathlon Website, A Guide to Glyfada
(2019) British Spartathlon Website, Heat Training for Sparta
(2019) British Spartathlon Website, Kit Article – What do you need for Spartathlon?
(2019) British Sparthlon Website, Interview with British Spartathlon Female Runners
(2018) British Spartathlon Website, Interview with Dr Dora Papadopoulou 
(2018) British Spartathlon Website, Qualifying FAQ
(2018) BBC,  The Secrets of Endurance Athletes
(2017 ) British Spartathlon Website, Runners FAQ
(2017) British Spartathlon Website, Crew FAQ
(2017) Guardian, The 24 hour race “It’s a battle with your Mind”
(2014) Reuters, Legends, Sandals & Sweat
(2014) CNN,  Spartathlon – The Worlds Toughest Race?
(2014) Mens Running UK,  Spartathlon – Bucket List Race
(2013 ) Louis Waterman-Evans, Following the footsteps of Pheidippes (one: 5mb PDF download)
(2012) The Economist,  Lunacy of a Long Distance Runner
(2011) Telegraph,  Spartathlon – The Worlds Toughest Race?
(2007) Alan Young,  Crewing
(2000) Peter Foxall,  The History of Spartathlon and everything
Training Articles
Rune Larsson, How to run the Spartathlon
James Adams, What I know about running the Spartathlon
(2013) Paul Ali, The Road to Sparta 2013 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Mark Woolley, How to Train for the Spartathlon

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