British Spartathlon Team

The British Spartathlon Team

The United Kingdom has a strong link with the Spartathlon event, since the first modern attempt in the early 80’s by John Foden and his team, through to a regular presence of British runners at the now official event. In recent years various individual British runners have attempted and completed this event. However, in 2012 the British runners started to organise themselves into a team to ensure that we were visibly represented at this international event. This “British Spartathlon Team” concept was pushed further by James Adams in 2013 with the first version of the team website.  

The British Spartathlon Team Website

We will be continuing to develop the British Spartathlon Team website to act as  source of reference and information to support the growing interest from the UK ultra running community towards British participants.  With current technology, instant worldwide reporting and the popularity of social media, participation and interest in this event has never been more popular. To be clear, this is not a ‘formally’ recognised group of athletes. However, we are trying to develop the team concept to act as a support mechanism runners participating in the event and to ensure that UK runners are visibly represented at this international race.

Why the interest in Spartathlon?

There are various reasons why people want to complete the Spartathlon. Some have heard the stories and want to be tested by the brutal race; some have been there before and have been defeated and want to return to rectify that; others are going because of an incurable physical addiction to the ‘world’s greatest race’; for many runners it represents the pinnacle of ultra marathon running. As a team we hope to improve our success and enjoyment of this magical event. This website is the focal point for that. We hope to help each other with this challenge in any way we can. So please have a read of the runners profiles and follow our progress on this site.
The British Team have gone from strength to strength. 2015 saw the largest British Team to date take part in the event with 21 participants and a 65% finish rate. In 2017 saw 20 out of 24 British runners completed the event, a finish rate of 83%. Including 3 runners in the Top 30.