Barry Miller

2016 British Spartathlon Team - Barry Miller 02

Name: Barry Miller

What is your running background? I started running to keep fit in my late twenties, I found trail running and loved the adventure exploring new trails when training and at events.

Why did you first start running ultra marathons and why? I was training for my first marathon back in 2009 when a friend suggested doing the London to Brighton trail run. I thought it was a stupid idea at first but sounded like an adventure so gave it a go and not looked back since.

When or where (at which events) are we most likely to see you? Centurion 100 milers, GoBeyond ultras, other low key trail events and parkruns.

Running achievements to date:

Centurion Grandslam 2013

Grandslam of Ultrarunning 2014 – (Read about it here:

Western States finish 2015

Hardest race experience: Either climbing up to hope pass the second time at the Leadville 100 or battling cut offs at the Wasatch 100. Both amazing experiences to look back on that tested me physically and mentally.

Pre Spartathlon events: GUCR, NDW100, and a couple of trail marathons.

Typical race strategy: Get to the finish! I run by perceived effort not to specific split times and strategies. Although my best race performances have been achieved by setting out steadier but I love getting stuck into a quick early pace. Something I need to work on before September.

Typical training week: Daily lunchtime 5 milers during the week, some hard some easy. A couple of 10 milers after work per week, 5k speed session on a Saturday morning followed by a long run.

Tip for first time ultra: Start steady, eat and drink little and often.

Have you participated in Sparta before? No

What are you looking forward to at Sparta? Meeting Pan on the mountain.

What are you not looking forward to? What is there to not look forward to?

How will you prepare for Sparta? More road running than usual along with some core strength work

Will you be bringing support crew? Kirstin and I are going on a summer holiday to Greece.



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