2018 British Spartathlon Team T-Shirts & Hoodies

Hello everyone, we hope all the runners are training hard and crew/supporters are getting excited about Spartathlon.

In addition to the team kit supplied thanks to the wonderful generosity of our sponsors Ultramarathon Running Store, Oyster Wealth and Peak Pinole we are offering some casual T-Shirts and Hoodies for sale through the Teespring fulfilment site (i.e. we design the T-Shirts/Hoodies and they fulfil all sales/printing and postage).

Please note that these are being sold at cost price for a limited period and are available to anyone who wishes to purchase one (i.e. they are for public sale to anyone).

Links are as follows:

2018 British Sparta T-Shirt Womens

2018 British Sparta T-Shirt Mens

2018 British Sparta Hoody 

Please note that each ‘base product’ (i.e. Mens/Womens T-Shirt) is a different make which accounts for a minor difference in price.

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