Paul Stout

About Paul

Name :Stouty

Occupation : Owner AMJ Auto Services

Home town : Hungerford

Twitter Account: @stouty1975

Paul Stout 05

Runners Questions

What is your running background?

I always kind of run and did the 1500m at school and represented Berkshire at cross country. I spent my teenage years drinking smoking and running away from the police and then playing football to a not to bad standard so running has always been in my life I guess.


When did you first start running Ultra marathons and why?

I played football with a man called Paul Ali and still not quite sure how but he persuaded me to run the Thames Path Ultra after we had been training for what felt a life time so I have him to thank for this .. Now it’s just what I do I guess.


When or where (at which events) are we most likely to see you?

Normally at GUCR I love that race


What are your personal key running achievements to date?

Running the Thames Path 100 dressed as Batman and finishing in 23 hrs along with finishing my 1st GUCR which I still have no idea how we Paul and I finished this.


What was your hardest race experience?

My first and then the 2014 GUCR as both involved a lot of rain and blisters.


What events do you have planed for 2015 up to Spartathlon?

Compton 40, GUCR and the Toronto Marathon.


What is your typical race strategy for an ultra?

Normally I just turn up with a kit bag but Sparta is different I have spent many hours watching you tube and talking to ultra gods but my plan is to finish!


What does a typical training week look like?

I normally run at 5am and cover 10/15 miles about 4 times a week and a long run at the weekend.


What one tip would you pass onto people running an Ultra marathon for the first time?

At some point it will hurt but pain only lasts so long but a DNF lasts a life time.


Can you tell us one interesting fact about yourself?

I once posed naked for a Calendar.


Paul Stout 03

Spartathlon Questions

Have you taken part in the Spartathlon before?



What are you looking forward to at the Spartathlon race?

Fingers crossed the finish and sharing a hot tub with Paul Ali, Paddy Robbins and Rob Pinnington; smoking big cigars and drinking Stella saying “I nailed that” (the race that is).


What are you not looking forward to during the Spartathlon race?

The heat; blisters and listening to Paul Ali for a 153 miles so I’d better run quick


How will you prepare specifically for the Spartathlon race?

Unlike my answers I am actually training seriously! I have lost nearly 2 stone and have been training in 3 layers a sauna suit and altitude mask (I tend to scare people in the gym)


Will you be bringing any support crew to the race?

Paul will be there as always. My girlfriend Jo is planning on coming out to pace Paddy!


Paul Stout 02

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