2016 British Spartathlon Team – May Newsletter

Payment Deadline Approaches!

The next big cut off for those in the team is coming up – payment! If you’ve not already sent your race fee to the organisers, now is the time to do it.

The cut-off date is May 31 – but please take into account that international transfers can take a few days, and the last thing you want to do is get this far and miss out due to an admin error.

We’d recommend you send the cash (€520) to Spartathlon at least seven working days in advance to ensure clearance. Past team members have used a service by transferwise.com and that seems to have gone smoothly. Fees are also reduced using this method.

You should also note that if you have not been allocated a race number, it may be because you have not yet paid. Once ISA get the dosh, you’ll get the next sequential number … perhaps some of you are hanging back in the hope of bagging 300!

Another point to highlight is that you do not have to pay for your crew or name them now. On your application form (which can be changed if you log on to your account), you can put the number of crew you are using and TBC in the name section and verify and pay for them later. The cut off for crew payment is sometime in the summer – we’ll let you know in a subsequent newsletter.

Kitted out

The team kit is ready and approved and we need to send out some special thanks to:

Team manager Rob Pinnington who has once again badgered sponsors in record numbers.

Mark Burnell who has provided graphics that will again be the envy of other national teams.

Our generous sponsors and service providers: The Ultramarathon Store, Atlas Running, Oyster Wealth Management, Tailwind Nutrition, Lynchpin Media and All About The Story.

To clarify what is available:

Team members get for free:

4 Buffs

2 Runners Tops

2 Crew Tops

1 Hoody


Buff Design

BST Runner

Runners Top

BST Crew

Crew Top



Extra kit can be ordered at the following prices

Extra buffs GBP5

Extra crew shirt GBP15

Extra hoodie GBP 25

Please be aware extra runner shirts cannot be purchased. Also the shirts are on the ‘fitted’ side… If you’re in doubt, size up when the forms come out later this month… We don’t want you chafing in the heat of an Athenian autumn.

* Kit order instructions will be emailed to each runner over the next few weeks *

In the News

Press officer James Ellis managed to secure us some national coverage in The Sun at the end of April.

Once names are confirmed after May 31 and the team solidifies, he’ll be getting in touch with all local radio/TV stations of runners who are happy to take part in press for the team. This usually involves a feature on the local runner claiming what a hero/fool he/she is for taking part.

The key thing to remember is that this is all part of keeping the race, the team and the sponsors in the public eye to ensure that British participation remains strong, sponsor interest remains high and we can afford to keep being so generous with the kit.

If you’ve not already emailed James at james@allaboutthestory.co.uk, please send him your:

  • Name
  • Where you’re from
  • What your local paper name is
  • What your local radio station names are

All help in this drive is appreciated but not essential.


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