John Knapp

Runners Information

Name: John Knapp

Home Town: Lancaster

What is your running background?

Ran a bit of cross country at school and the Bolton Marathon in 1983. Didn’t do a lot then until discovering Triathlon in Australia in the early 90s. It took 20 years to accept my swimming would never get any quicker and that running was the thing to concentrate on. My first ‘ultra’ was the White cliffs 50 in 2013. Since then it’s been Lakeland 100s and 110s, a couple of RingoFires, UTMB, GUCR and a good year of long distance path racing with Northern Traverse, Offa’s Dyke and The Spine.

Where are you most likely to see me?

The Rattle Gill cafe in Ambleside.

Personal key running achievement?

Possible ‘over 50’ best time for the GUCR?

Hardest race experience?

I’m in denial about these.

Events in the run up to Spartathlon?

Crawley 6hr track, Highland Fling, Meridien 100k, Lakeland Trails 110, Clyde Stride, Strathaven 50.

Race strategy?

Try to run as a time trial rather than a race until the last hour. Keep faff to a minimum (this is more of a goal than an achievement).

Spartathlon Questions

Have I taken part in Spartathlon before?


What am I looking forward to?

Everything! it’s been a goal since starting my mid life ultra crisis.

How will I prepare for Spartathlon?

Lots of miles, more tarmac and just a little speed work in the gym. Try to avoid injury and train with too many togs for heat acclimatisation. Get out to Greece as early as work allows and read all the blogs/reports (again).

Support crew?

Yes. Valerie, if there’s a bus option to avoid driving out of Athens.

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