2016 British Spartathlon Team – April Newsletter

By Rob Pinningon

Welcome to the first monthly newsletter of the 2016 British Spartathlon Team.

First of all congratulations to all of you who were lucky in the draw. To those that weren’t, hang in there. There is usually 15-20% drop out rate.


2016 Runners

The current 2016 British Spartathletes are listed below:

Martin Bacon
David Barker
Paul Beechey
Tremayne Cowdry
James Ellis
Gabriel Flores
Peter Leslie Foxall
Michel Hardie
Carl Howells
Martin Ilott
Sharon Law
Dan Mayers
Barry Miller
Robert Edward Pinnington
James Poole
Sophie  Power
Pat Robbins
Jim Rogers
Paul Rowlinson
Tarique Shakir-Khalil
Jonathan Steele
Darren Strachan
Ian Thoms
John Volanthen

Profiles for the 2016 team are currently being added to the website here. If you haven’t sent in your profile details then please do so asap (Information can be sent to the British Spartathlon Team email address here)


2016 Supporters

We are pleased to announce that we have several volunteers on board already.

Paul Ali has agreed to carry on as webmaster. I think mainly because he doesn’t want me to make a mess of the site he built last year.

Sarah Dryden will be returning as our team photographer as well. Just check out the 2016 gallery to see examples of her great work.

James Ellis is performing the duties of press officer. He will be putting out an appeal for information about the runners so that he can contact your local press and give you your well deserved fifteen minutes of fame.

Mark Burnell is providing the design. I can tell you his new designs are pretty exciting.


2016 Sponsors

We have also got three sponsors on board…

Ultramarathonrunning store

2016 Sponsor UltraMarathon Running Store

Oyster Wealth Management

2016 Sponsor Oyster Wealth Management

Altas Running

2016 Sponsor Atlas Running

Each are contributing equally and this enables us to provide the same kit to all runners as last year. Namely two runners shirts, two crew shirts and four buffs. We hope to print these via sublimation printing meaning the shirts will “breath” better than last year.

Details of additional sponsors will follow and we are very grateful for everyone’s support.


Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group (British Spartathlon Team) follow our Twitter account @spartathletesUK and stay tuned for more updates.


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