British Spartathlon Team News – August 2019

Hello everyone, we are now around 6 weeks away from the race and it’s time to bring you up to date on some team news.

British Spartathlon Team Kit

Thanks to the work of the British Spartathlon Team committee, sponsors funding has been secured and kit design has been finalised, ordered and delivered. We now have all the team kit in our possession!

None of this could have been possible without the kind support of our sponsors and a huge thank you to the Ultramarathon Running Store, Rathbones, Runderwear, Indigo Fitness aswell as Endure Nutrition, DaznBone Ultra Coaching and Race Drone.

I (Paul) would also like to thank Darren Strachan in particular for doing a lot of the kit organising behind the scenes and pulling a lot of this work together. Once you receive the kit (and if you like it.. we hope you do!) then please take the opportunity to thank the sponsors and committee member for organising this. Let’s see lots of pictures of people adorned in their new kit.

We also have a fabulous new banner for the team as well as you can see from the picture below. We will use this for the team photos and hopefully we can also use this to mark a spot where the British runners and crew can congregate at the finish in Sparta.

Team News

We were sorry to hear that Mark Bisset and Richard Pomeroy both recently sustained injuries and will no longer be able to participate.

However, this has created an opportunity for a couple of later British entrants who were on the waiting list and we welcome Richard Cranswick and Carl Howells to the team.

British Spartathlon Casual T-Shirts & Hoodies

We have also been asked about making the British Spartathlon casual T-Shirts and Hoodies available once again. We have elected to make these available but will repeat the same colour/style from last year so people who have purchased these previously do not feel obliged to have to buy ‘this years’ colour. The red also matches the crew tops and it’s great to see lots of people wearing the same style and colour kit be it hoody, t-shirt or crew top.
These can be purchased directly from Teespring (a fulfilment site i.e. we upload the design and they handle the selling/delivery) and are available to anyone who wants to buy one. Please note these have been set on the minimum possible price and we do not make any profit on these. Links as follows:
Please note these have been setup as a short term campaign and orders must be placed by the end of August otherwise they will no longer be available!

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