2020 team confirmed

Following the announcement that Spartathlon 2020 is planning to go ahead, we are pleased to announce the full team line up for this year’s race. Runners taking part are:

Dominic Osman-allu
Michael Scandrett
Jason Skirrow
Ian Thomas
Alastair Higgins
Rich Cranswick
Laurence Chownsmith
Danny Hawkins
Andy ‘Daysey’ Day

James Ellis
Tim Young
David Bone
Andrew Mckillop
Gabriel Flores
Fabio Rizzo
Riccardo Giussani
Pete Summers
Sam Heward

The team is a good blend of experienced and new runners. Ian Thomas, James Ellis, Al Higgins, Laurence Chownsmith and Fabio Rizzo all have multiple appearances, while Andy Day, Rich Cranswick and David Bone will all be running for the second time.

We are also pleased to announce this year’s sponsors: Ultramarathon Running Store, Track Trail, Endure Nutrition, Health & Fitness and DazNBone.

The first two offer monetary support – our most valuable supporters without whom we would not be able to provide the uniform image the BST has become famous for over the past years. The latter two offer services in kind to help keep the BST going. Please support these companies where you can.

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